December 10, 2012: a group of Quesnel Lions celebrate the new sign on our property
December 10, 2012: a group of Quesnel Lions celebrate the new sign on our property. Front row, left to right: Peter Nielsen, Florence White, Jean Stimpson, Ron Silver, Dennis Asher, Patty Drapak, Pat Asher. Top row: Len Van Aalst, Bob Sutton, Mitch Vik.

Thank you for your support!


Founder and Patron  

The Quesnel Lions Club has directly contributed more than $320,000 to the Project so far, mainly through community donations, and is the largest single donor aside from the BC government.

Major sponsors

The BC government, through BC Housing, is by far the largest supporter of the project, and has contributed more than $3 million in the form of a forgivable loan. $300,000 of that is provided by the Government of Canada. BC Housing has also provided a very competitive mortgage to the project for the balance of required financing.

The City of Quesnel has provided approximately $85,000 towards the project by waiving development cost charges and, over the next ten years, a portion of property taxes!

The Four Rivers Co-operative (formerly Vanderhoof and Districts Co-op) made a contribution of $25,000 from its Community Support Fund in November 2016!


Service and Governmental organizations

  • Rotary Club of Quesnel and Quesnel Rodeo Association (combined donation)
  • Northern Health Authority
  • CMHC
  • Quesnel Residential Care
  • Volunteer Citizen of the Year Committee
  • Healthier Communities Committee


Triple Diamond Bricks ($3,500 to $4,999)

Anonymous ($5,000)
Keis Trucking Ltd. ($5,000)
Rae Doggitt (Quesnel Citizens Patrol Assoc.)


Double Diamond Bricks ($2,000 to $3,499) 

Jim Savage, Savage & Associates
Robert & Vicki Lenore Yorston


Diamond Bricks ($1,000 to $1,999)

Don Austin
Tony & Elizabeth Bensted
Ted & Mary-Lynn Bosman
Ron & Betty Campbell
Fish and Chips Carlos Place
Robert Grady
Klein Family
Anne Lucille Lloyd
Gloria Lazzarin
John & Susan Maile
Donald Martin
David McKeown & Bonnie McKenzie
Don & Betty Prestage
Paula Parkinson
Don & Lynda Sales
Joyce Standbridge
Claudia Thompson (in memory of Elsie Burnett)
Emma Thressell
Wilma Unrau
Len & Pat Van Aalst
Jean Veer
Gail Wittebrood
Dave & Trudy Wootten
Anonymous (in memory of Richard White)
Robert & Vicki Lenore Yorston


Gold Bricks ($500 to $999)

Dennis Asher
Billy Barker Days Society
Ted & Mary-Lynn Bosman
Billy Barker Casino Hotel
Cariboo Fire Protection
R. Clauson Logging Ltd
Ellen Facey
Doris & John Good
Joan Huxley
Gary Lilienweiss, Barrister and Solicitor
Kathryn Moffat
Phil & Delle Megyesi (2)
Lloyd George Moore
Stella McIntyre
Betty Prestage
Donald Prestage
Kornelius Riediger
Bob Feist & Jean Stimpson
Ron & Ginny Silver
Marilyn Wells
Lynne Wright
Yellowhead Drywall
Robert & Vicky Lenore Yorston


Silver Bricks ($100 to $499)

1 Minute Muffler Ltd. Ronald & Glenda Graham Old Age Pensioners’ Org. (Br. 77)
Ron & Linda Armstrong Robert & Elizabeth Gray Olive Pipe
Louis Beaulieu (2) Griffin Door to Door Lorraine Ostlund
Rose Bergeson Shirley Hall Mitchel L. Pacholok
Beta Sigma Phi-Laureate Delta  Beverley Haluschak (8) Katie Palik
   Gamma Julie Hart Betty & Eugene Pascuzzo
Beulah & Wilfred Bettcher Bernice Heinzelman Bob Patrick
Evelyn Bjornson C Heinzelman & P Zeegers Robert J Proulx
David & Alice Blackmore  Clyde & Gladys Herrett Quesnel Lions Members
   (in memory of Ted Munro) Karin Hoffmann Quesnel Retired Teachers
Cathy Blanksma Ray & Muriel Hong Quesnel Sand & Gravel
S.D.Bond Diane Hopp Jouke Regts
Liliane Bourgeois J D Meats Martin & Shirley Ritchie
Beverly Brinkert (2) William & Helen Jamieson Spa Rivier (Donna Jacobson)
Rodney & Brenda Browning Vic & Betty Johannesen Bessie Robinson
Alma Butters Rick & Beth Johnston Gordon Rollo
Gordie & Susan Campbell Paul & Maxine Kalinski Donna Rusk
Ben & Mary Chan Catherine Karey Earle & Elnora Russell
D & A Chapman Karin's Deli & Health Foods Ltd. Lorna & Marvin Schley
   (in memory of Ted Munro) Kevin McKelvie Financial Lorna & Marvin Schley
Clayton’s Funeral Home Jean & Leon Kodiak    (in memory of Ted Munro)
Ron & Marlene Connell Orest & Gloria Kolenchuk C. Emily Scholin
Gerald Couturier Cora Koyama Ruth Scoullar
Brian & Mary Craig Alfred & Helen Krause (2) Doug Service
Del & Lorraine Cyr Ernie & Lynda Kuehn Sarah L. Shipley
Bonnie & William Davies Mary Roberta Lane Butch & Mary Sjostrom
Ed & Linda D’Lugos Chuck & Shirley Latoria Charles & Helen Slater
Dragon Mountain Farm Helen E. Lattman St. John the Divine Anglican Church
Patricia J Drapak Laureate Beta Omicron Cecile Steeves
Dave & Debra Dubuc Jim Gilbert & Sue Law Jean Stimpson
Tom & Christine Dunlop Jack & Norma Laycock David Sutton
Jim & Kathy Dyer Audry Lepetich Gordon Teed (2)
Nick & Judy Edberg William Lindstrom Bill & Carol Thatcher
Earl Erb Marilee Lloyd Lawrence & Diane Thibault
Elisabeth Eyford Susan Lowe Maureen Trotter
Sam & Ricki Fedoruk LS Ventures Ulysses Restaurant
Loretta Fogerty Judy Malic Universal Auto Wreckers
Frank's Supermarket Larry Martens (2) l. Gilbert & M.J. Wallace
Fraserview Pharmacy Ltd. Charles A. Martin Walmart
Nancy Gagnon Pat Mattison  Catherine Walsh
Winnifred L. Gale Ron Mattison Peter Walsh
Paul Galliazzo & Stephanie Waring Matt McFarland Pat & Don Walstrom
Les & Shirley Gardner Donald & Marlene McLarty (4) Glen & Merridith Walton
    (in memory of Walt Thompson) Dougal & Dora McMillan Binny Wark
Nettie Geofroy Joe & Amber Megyesi Lyle Wark
Dave D. Gilbert Claude & Darlene Mercereau Wayne & Julie Wark
Donna J. Gilbert  Liz & Bud Miller M Watt
Evelyn Gillin Tom Moffat Marilyn & Neil Wells
Good Health Pharmacy Ltd Jean Muir    (in memory of Ted Munro)
Maurine Goodenough Brian & Sheila Murland Roderick Wright
Bruce & Lillian Gordon Liz Nagy Wright Choice Automative
Marion & Gerald Gordon Coralee Oakes  


Bronze Bricks ($50 to $99)

Wayne & Honey Affleck William & Helen Jamieson Pamela & Edward Realff
Bud & Linda Atkins William & Helen Jamieson Anita Reid
Melanie & Jason Baker    (in memory of Ted Munro) E. June Roberts
Dave & Lucille Beaumont Frieda Karolat     (in memory of Walt Thompson)
Elizabeth L. Beaven Jean Kodiak (2) Peter Roberts
Helen Berg Mr & Mrs Stan Kostesky Diane Rogers
Rosemarie Bonin Peter Layhew Margaret Rose
Charles Brown Blaine Leblanc Faye Rupp
Caravan Motel Ltd. Juanita Leblanc Jim & Mary Anne Sandve
Moira Clayton Adeline Lemky Jim & Elizabeth Silver
Cody Dillabough Julie Lindblom & Family Ron & Ginny Silver (2)
Peter Doerkson Michelle Marrington Mary Sjostrom
Dragon Lake Women’s Institute Tom & Beryl Maxwell Anna Sorban
Elaine Dreager (2) Jack & Lynne McFarland Lorraine Stain
Louise Dubuc Phillip McInnes Jean Stimpson (4)
Rick Dumaine Roger Montgomery Willard & Dianna Strachan
Ingrid Eriksson N & G Morrow Fred & Carol Sutton
Walter & Deborah Evans Pat Morton Cindy Thibeault
Shirley Faulkner Mr. Mike’s West Coast Grill Linda Thibeault
Kim Freeman Muller/Fraser Rick & Laurie Thompson
Edith Fellmann Pearl Murphy Stefan Van Schaick
Wendy Fisher Jim & Nancy Oakes Barb & Archie Watson
Luciana Fuccenecco Darlene Osborne Jane Watson (2)
Carol Giesbrecht Ronald Paull Maureen Watson
Mary Giorgini Madeline V. Peterson Rod & Elaine Watteyne
Larry & Barb Glover Jennifer Pinette (2) Dwayne & Catherine Webster
Susan Gooding Pat Pitman Patrick & Caroline Webster
Cecilia Gray Bernice Polichek Joe & Carol Weremy
Lilliann Harrison Brad & Karen Powell Florence White (2)
Margaret Hawn Martin Put Liz Williamson
Florence Hewitt QTAX Quality Tax Service Lynne Wright
Penny Ireland Quesnel Old Time Fiddlers Lili Xia


Other Donations

Four Rivers Co-operative (formerly Vanderhoof and Districts Co-op) ($25,000)
Delbert & Lorraine Cyr (two donations in memory of Ted Monroe and Bea McLean)
Fraser Village Residents
Margaret Ross (in memory of Ted Monroe)
Jean Stimson


Quesnel Lions Housing Society
255 McNaughton Ave
Box 100
Quesnel BC V2J 0C4
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