Thursday, June 16th, 2016


June 16, 2016

 As the Quesnel Lions Housing Society (QLHS) gets closer to project approvals on its $5 million affordable housing project, it’s determined to dispel fears about parking. 

“There are some who believe that parking is a big issue with our project,” says Mitch Vik, QLHS President. “The concerns are understandable, but we’re approaching this in a way that should eliminate issues before they even happen.” 

Vik says that a conventional apartment building with 30 units would normally be required to install 50 parking spaces. The QLHS project proposes 11. 

“While that may not seem like enough parking, communities across North America are successfully developing seniors’ facilities with even less parking than we propose per unit, and it’s working. Why? Seniors’ housing, especially affordable housing, just doesn’t need a lot of parking.” 

Vik points to the 57-unit Fraser Village is a strong comparable, as they offer affordable housing for independent seniors, just as QLHS plans.  

“How much designated parking does Fraser Village have? None. It has almost twice as many apartments as we’ll have, and they rely on 9 stalls on ‘informal loan’ from the City and Northern Health.”  

The QLHS proposal calls for almost twice as many parking stalls per unit as Fraser Village has informally. In addition, Fraser Village doesn’t restrict vehicle ownership, but QLHS will. 

“Our research results are convincing, but we’re not just relying on that: right from the get-go, we’ve told the City that we’ll limit vehicle ownership, make it against the rules for tenants to park on the street nearby, and voluntarily put a restrictive covenant on title—or something similarly strong—so that the building will always be used for seniors’ affordable housing.” 

Vik asks interested members of the public to review QLHS’s research: see, and click on the link under “Parking.” 

QLHS’s proposed 30 unit, four story building at the corner of Reid and McNaughton would be the first new apartment building in North Quesnel in over 26 years. The QLHS started a rezoning process with the City of Quesnel in 2015, and hopes to complete that process soon. More information on the project can be found at 

A public hearing on the project is scheduled for Tuesday, June 28, 7pm at City Hall. 

The QLHS was launched by the Quesnel Lions Club in 2012 after the Lions, through consultation with the community, determined that more affordable housing for seniors is an important need for Quesnel. The QLHS is a separate society established by the Quesnel Lions to fill that need. 


Contact: Mitch Vik, President, QLHS  cell 250 983 6784


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