Thursday, October 29th, 2015

The Quesnel Lions Housing Society (QLHS) has formally engaged with the City of Quesnel to rezone land for its affordable housing project for seniors: the Lions House. An important part of that work is additional consultation with the community, beginning with an open house Nov. 3 at the Tower Inn from 5pm to 8pm. 

“Community outreach, including the neighbourhood, started in 2013,” said Mitchell Vik, QLHS president. “Now that we’re in the formal rezoning process, several more steps will be undertaken, including an open house.” 

The open house is a “drop-in” opportunity to see preliminary plans and give QLHS reps a chance to hear ideas and concerns about the project. No formal presentation is planned, so the public can visit any time between 5pm and 8pm. 

The proposed 30 unit, $5 million, four story building at the corner of Reid and McNaughton would be the first large apartment building built in North Quesnel in over 25 years. To proceed, the project is seeking approval from the City for several changes to existing land use policy.  

The key changes would allow a four story building, reduced on-site parking requirements, and higher density (the number of apartments on the lot and building coverage of the lot). More information on the project can be found at 

“To be economically viable, we obviously need to generate enough rent income to pay the mortgage,” continued Vik. “To get there, we need two things: four stories so we can get to 30 units, and 10 to 15 ‘market rent’ units for seniors who can afford it.”  

Vik said that the QLHS has conducted research showing conclusively that seniors’ housing developments require much less parking than do conventional housing developments. Many jurisdictions allow 1 parking stall for every 3 units for seniors projects, especially affordable housing. Lions House proposes 11 stalls, which is slightly more than that. 

“Since the building wouldn’t host significant events, there will only be a few days per year, like Mothers’ Day, that create much parking demand.”  

QLHS has been proactive on the parking issue, and offers to enter an agreement with the City that would effectively prohibit most tenants from owning a vehicle.  

“We don’t expect limitation on vehicle ownership to be an issue. The Lions House would be located where residents can walk, scooter or take transit to most places they need to go, and we expect demand for these apartments to be much higher than we can supply. Even the market rent units will be mainly rented by seniors aging in place, gradually getting rid of their cars.” 

The more non-government money raised, the better chance the project will have to obtain government financing.  

“The main fundraising work now is the ‘Buy a brick’ campaign,” said Vik. “That campaign continues to go very well, and offers a chance for individuals, families and businesses to support the project and receive a permanent recognition of their support in the new building.”  

The QLHS was launched by the Quesnel Lions Club in 2012 after the Lions determined that more affordable housing for seniors is an important need for Quesnel. The QLHS is a separate society established to fill that need. 



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